Taxation law is one of the most complex laws in Australia. Ensuring that your taxation position is correct is vitally important to small to medium business and high networth individuals to ensure their taxation position is as effective as possible. We offer a range of comprehensive services.

Our main areas of taxation and business service include:

  • Responding to director Penalty Notices;

  • Dealing with Statutory Demands, Bankruptcy Notices and garnishee notices from the ATO;

  • Seeking remission of interest and penalties via negotiations with the ATO;

  • Implementing extended payment plans;

  • Advising on payroll tax and understanding ways to minimise or avoid payroll tax;

  • Corporate limited partnerships;

  • Trust distributions;

  • Trust cloning and trust splitting;

  • Corporation re-organisations;

  • Insolvency and bankruptcy matters; and

  • Dividend access shares to access franking credit.


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