Intellectual property is a complex and ever changing area of law, there can be great complexity with protection of intangible property rights. Having a suitability qualified and experienced lawyer in this area of law can greatly assist in having your rights and interests protected.

We offer services to a wide range of clientele including start-up and small to medium enterprises across a diverse range of industries across multiple jurisdictions.

Our team of experienced lawyers offer the following services:

  • Trademark registration and disputes;

  • Global trademark registry and advisory services;

  • Confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements;

  • Website terms of use including privacy policies;

  • Software licensing agreements; 

  • Design licensing agreements;

  • Copyright advice, registrations and disputes;

  • Privacy and spam compliance advice;

  • Patent registration and licensing;

  • Intellectual property due diligence

  • Intellectual property commercialisation; and

  • National and international licensing contracts and assignments.


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