Property Law and Conveyancing is a complex area of law and imposes strict liability on both Vendors and Purchasers. It is essential that you are fully informed of your rights and obligations pre-contract, during and following completion of a transaction.

Our team is well versed in Property Law, with years of experience across all of Australia and New Zealand.

process to buy or sell a house is known as the process of conveyancing. It can be a complicated process depending on the type of property. Please enquire for a fixed fee quote.

Our Property Law services include:

  • Residential Property Sales & Purchases (including rural and off the plan contracts)

  • Commercial Sales & Purchases;

  • Business Sales & Purchases;

  • Property development;

  • Mortgaging and financing agreements (acting for lender and borrower);

  • Leasing (including retail shop leases);

  • Securities (Mortgaging and financing agreements – acting for lender and borrower);

  • Structuring property affairs;

  • Registration and removal of caveats; and

  • Registrations and removal easements.

  • I’m selling/buying a house, what do I do?

  • Should I have my partner as joint tenant or tenants in common?

    Put simply, with joint tenants both of the parties have equal rights to the property and on death of one of the parties their interest passes to the other whereas with tenants in common two or more parties co-own a property and as a result can be different percentages and either party can sell their share in the property.


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