Commercial law is an integral aspect of all business law, comprehensive advice is required to ensure your commercial needs are considered and understood.
Our team is well versed in many aspects of commercial law, acting for a diverse range of clients. Our commercial team is well equipped to provide general and comprehensive advice on commercial law matters including reviewing, preparing and interpretation of contracts and agreements, negotiation of terms and agreements, conducting due diligence, keeping within strict time limitations that may apply.

Our main areas of commercial law include:
-Contract drafting, negotiation, interpretation & review
-Purchaser enquiries and legal due diligence;
-Commercial and Retail Leasing;
-Trust deeds (discretionary, unit & hybrid trusts);
-Business sale agreements and share sale agreement
-Business structuring for asset protection and tax minimisation purposes
-Preparing and negotiating business sale agreements and share sale agreements
-Put and call options and joint venture agreements

  • What is a shareholders agreement?

    A shareholders agreement is a document that essentially dictates how the shareholders of a company are to act. Typical shareholders agreements will govern purchase and sales of any shares, dispute resolution between shareholders, director appointment, dispute resolution and so on.

  • Can I sell my business without a shareholders agreement?

    You can sell your business without a shareholders agreement. However, it can cause issues if some shareholders do not agree to sell their shares. A shareholders agreement can capture what you want done in a situation where a shareholder does not agree to sell their shares.

  • I am bring in new investors and don’t have a shareholders agreement. What should I do?

    When new investors are coming into a business this is a perfect opportunity to draft a shareholders agreement. As a lot of investors will want to be issued shares this can be done at the same time as a shareholders agreement being prepared.

  • I’ve had a business for 10 years and want to sell what do about tax?

    The answer to this question is based on how your business has been run. Diamond Law can assist in how to best approach sales of business.


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